PC Gaming Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming in 2021


Last year, Red Hook Studios revealed a direct follow up to their hit gothic scary RPG title, Darkest Dungeon. Ever since, things have actually been quite peaceful from the studio, with its social channels staying relatively stagnant. That altered today with Red Hook revealing that Darkest Dungeon 2 will debut in 2021 in early gain access to on the Epic Games Store in a blog site post on its website.

Darkest Dungeon II is about grit, decision, and hope. With a refined fight system and an entire brand-new metagame, Darkest Dungeon II is loaded with fresh beasts, managers, and obstacles.

Aside from the listing on the Epic Games Store, we do not have much yet in the method of brand-new information about what Darkest Dungeon 2 might be like. The listing states that the video game "will check your nerve and drive you to the verge of insanity," showing that a minimum of a few of the initial video game's DNA will still remain in the follow-up, however, beyond that it's anybody's guess. According to Red Hook's article, the designers are striving towards the launch date and more updates will be coming as the release gets better. If this statement has actually been enough to whet your gothic scary cravings, Darkest Dungeon 2 is offered to wishlist on the Epic Games Store now. And if you truly can't wait, Red Hook likewise introduced the Darkest Dungeon board video game on Kickstarter the other day, so you can inspect that out.