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May 18, 2021
Ha Noi
Dying Light 2 will obviously take 80 hours to complete, and with an additional 500 hours of content, that can be both a blessing and a curse.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally out in just a few weeks​

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally out in just a few weeks
Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally out in just a few weeks
After a long delay, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally out in just a few weeks and the buzz around the game is starting to increase significantly.

Apart from sharing their feelings of trepidation, several fans tweeted to ask developer Techland some questions about the upcoming release.

In response to a tweet about the game’s length, Techland confirmed that the game’s story would take 80 hours to complete, and that if a player wanted to reach 100 percent completion, they would have to play in 500 hours.

While some fans are excited about this, most of the industry is wondering if this is a smart move by Techland, as building an immersive 500 hour game is quite difficult.

Neither side of the fence has been proven wrong, and each has some interesting perspectives on how the length of Dying Light 2 will affect the experience.

Dying Light 2 has many competition upon release​

The first important point to note is that Dying Light 2 will have a lot of competition when it releases.

Just a week before Dying Light 2 releases, Pokemon Legends: Arceus hits shelves. That’s one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of the year.

Soon after its release, Sifu, the long-awaited Indie brawler, Horizon: Forbidden West, next in a long line of incredible PlayStation exclusives, and Elden Ring, developer Dark Souls’ next record, all appeared on their respective platforms.

Simply put, Dying Light 2 is fighting for itself to survive.

Both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation have front-page titles that many console owners may want to buy rather than continue with third-party games that, admittedly, don’t have nearly as much appeal as Pokemon or even Horizon.

Throw Sifu and Elden Ring into the mix, a third-party release that hasn’t left popular discussion for years, and Dying Light 2 is pushed to the bottom of the pile for many people.

For those with limited funds who can only spend money on expensive games through this release window, the chances of Dying Light 2 aren’t very high, especially with the latest Steam stats showing that Elden Ring is Steam’s most wishlisted game.

Dying Light 2’s target audience probably don’t have much time to sink into the video games​

Players need at least 500 hours to fully complete Dying Light 2: Stay Human
Players need at least 500 hours to fully complete Dying Light 2: Stay Human
Also, most viewers of Dying Light 2 (based on the game’s age rating) probably don’t have much time to immerse themselves in the video games.

For those types of gamers, hearing that the game takes 80 hours to complete, and that 500 hours’ worth of content is in the game is not a selling point.

It just cements the idea that the game cannot be feasibly beaten with their current schedule.

And instead, it acts as a reason to choose another game releasing in these next few months.

While Elden Ring and Pokemon Legends: Arceus are open-ended games with a lot to discover and do, their main stories probably make more sense than 80 hours, with Elden Ring having a confirmed main story length of around 30 hours.

For many players with tighter schedules, the 30-hour campaign is much more interesting than the 80-hour campaign.

A good 80-hour campaign is hard to achieve​

The real root of the problem isn’t the huge competition that Dying Light 2: Stay Human gameplay will face, but whether or not the campaign will be really compelling.

It’s all good and well saying that the game has around 80 hours of main story content.

However, if the narrative is not interesting, the characters are not relatable, or the missions are not varied and engaging, there’s really not much appeal in having it be that long.

For reference, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion takes about 40 hours to complete the main story, Fallout: New Vegas takes about 35 hours, and The Witcher 3 takes a player about 55 hours to complete the main story.

They’re all often considered some of the best storytelling in video games. And even The Witcher 3, with all its extra content and exciting side quests, still hasn’t hit 500 hours of content.

Length isn’t really an important factor in video games​

Length isn't really an important factor in video games
Length isn’t really an important factor in video games
For many contemporary video games full of stories, length is not an important factor, it’s what’s done in that time is very important.

Take Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales; While it may take only about five hours to complete the story, the story it builds at that time is impressive, with emotional voice acting and a connected cast of characters that help make those five hours interesting.

But that doesn’t mean that very long campaigns can’t be convincing.

Persona 5 is considered to be one of the best narrative RPGs of the last decade. And the main campaign in this game often takes around 90 hours to win, especially if you play Persona 5 Royal.

Still, the success of Persona 5 stems from the many complex and interesting characters, each with a unique and distinctive personality.

Persona 5’s gameplay loops also keep it engaging throughout the game, as the mechanics are constantly changing and varying between missions to keep players immersed in the action and story.

Dying Light 2’s surprisingly long length may not be a sign of panic.

But until it comes out in just three weeks, some fans will surely remain skeptical. Skeptical whether the 80 hour campaign is really worth watching to the end.

On the other hand, if Techland can tackle and deliver a truly compelling story with a core gameplay loop that keeps players hooked for a long time, then Dying Light 2 could be one of the biggest surprises of the year.

Dying Light 2 will be released on February 4, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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the king
Sep 23, 2020
This month marks the 7th anniversary of Dying Light, still there's many supporting this game . I believe it received fresh material last month, and a next-gen patch is in the pipeline.