Esports FPS & Shooters Enherjar Synergy: Ultra Futuristic Dark Neon Online FPS Arena


low n00b
Sep 2, 2021
Tampa, FL
Hello friends of All Gamers Talk,
If I may introduce myself, I'm a videogame developer for a company called Cosmic Perspective Studios.
We are releasing a brand-new FPS, designed by Major League Pro, Cloud Darkson, to create what we consider to be "Arena Shooter Perfection".
Addressing dozens of major imbalances from traditional FPS, taking place in a next-gen dark neon futuristic world.
We are going to have developer-hosted online mega tournaments, with 3 different skill tiers to participate in.
The game is free to download.

I'd like to personally invite you to play our game, Enherjar Synergy!
(note*: you should be able to watch our gameplay video trailer in embed window below without leaving page.)
Check us out directly on Steam:

We'd love to hear your thoughts of what you think about the game!!!


the king
Sep 23, 2020
This game look pretty good, just one question is there any multiplayer game option on it or its just a single player game ?