Latest News House of Ashes, the next Dark Pictures Anthology game


Horror video game anthology The Dark Pictures has actually exposed its next video game, House of Ashes, by producing a teaser trailer within just-released video game Little Hope. Provided the appearance, it's most likely that House of Ashes has to do with American soldiers and professionals in Afghanistan who discover some ancient evil, and appears like it will star Ashley Tisdale. House of Ashes is due to release in 2021.

The minute-long House of Ashes trailer reveals American helicopters flying over rough mountainous surface similar to eastern Afghanistan's Hindu-Kush. As the trailer opens, we hear American soldiers explaining being assaulted by something the listener "would not think." A storyteller explains an ancient underworld where the dead went to groan and "reside on dust, pestered by the satanic forces of the underworld." We then get a quick shot of a Greco-Buddhist design statue of a Devil-- that's why I'd think it's Afghanistan. (Well, that and the stereotyped "Islamic" music playing in the background.).

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a horror series by Supermassive Games that began in 2019 with Male of Medan and continued this year with Little Hope. The video games are interwoven branching stories where you make decisions for the characters in the discussion, then see as those choices effects play out. It's significant for its ingenious co-op horror format, where each gamer takes control of a character to make decisions.

Take a look at the trailer below