nintendo switch Is the Switch Lite worth it?


pro high
Sep 15, 2020
My Basement
Is it worth picking up the Switch Lite? I've been seeing them going for like a little over $150 on Facebook marketplace. I want to jump at these deals, but I'm afraid I would be spending money on damaged items or something. Plus, with the Joycon drift, it's a bigger issue with the Lite, as you'd have to send the whole thing. I'm paranoid if I buy one, It'll break down eventually. :(


the king
Nov 26, 2020
It came to my mind too. I think it is worth buying if you have money. But the thing is that most of the folks go with the powered Switch instead of the Lite. I think it'd be better to make use of the Switch Lite if you have kids at home. They prefer small size. I guess the device was made with that part in mind. But other than that you can go for the Switch.