pro high
Sep 15, 2020
My Basement
Has anyone heard of this game yet? It's a real-time strategy game where you play these monster like creatures. You can build new monsters and detach from the main one. It's a wild concept and is pretty fun. I played the demo for it the other day, and I had a blast with it. It takes some learning, but once you do, you can wreck some havoc. Check it out:

You download the demo for it right now. So give it a try!

Here's a trailer as well:


Sep 7, 2020
I played the demo for it last night, and I gotta admit, it's fun. I didn't expect much from it, but after playing it for a few hours now, and getting the hang of things, it's quite fun to build your monsters or whatever you call them. So looking forward to the full release of this. :)