Sandbox & Survival Phasmophobia


Sep 5, 2020
New York, USA
Yes, another horror game in short order. Phasmophobia is becoming one of the most popular games on streaming platforms today. Phasmophobia for those who are not aware is a horror game with up to 4 player co-op. You play as ghost hunters who have to find out what kind of ghostly possession is taking over the houses or properties. For example, you can be hunting for traditional ghosts, or for poltergeists or demons. The ghosts can kill players in the game, so you have to be extra careful. You get to utilize tools of the trade, like emf readers, ghost boxes, cameras, UV lighting, and more.

Your purpose as ghost hunters is to find clues to reveal what the ghost maybe. So if you get the ghost correct, it pays you more. Is this a game you guys have been playing as of late? It’s cheap and is quite easy to get into.

You can watch a trailer for it below.