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Welcome to the All Gamers Talk Community Forum!

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who wishes to participate in the ongoing discourse here in our community, where you can share with like-minded enthusiasts from across the globe! Before you begin, however, there are just a few rules of the road to know about, to make sure you're on the same page as everyone else.

Membership: Why should I become a member of the forums?

Becoming a part of our community is free, and you get top-tier access to the latest discussion, news, and information, as well as being able to respond in the forum or comments section.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple! Just click the link titled “Register” in the top-right of the main site or comments section and it will take you to account registration.

You can also create an account using Google, Facebook, Discord, or Twitch. Simply click Register, then click the button at the top of the window to select the account you want to use.

How can I confirm my email?

Once you register with a valid email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Be sure to follow the instructions in the email to confirm your account, and check your spam folder as sometimes the email ends up there. Be sure to confirm your email as soon as possible to receive updates when your questions and comments are responded to.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to email alerts?

Alerts are automatically sent to you when someone replies to a thread you have replied to. You can change this in your account settings.

How do I publish a message/comment?

While browsing the forums or articles, you can click "Post a New Thread", "Ask the Community" or any variation of "New Thread" to pose your question or start a discussion, or “Join the discussion” in article commentary. Fill in the appropriate boxes, be sure to select the correct category (where appropriate), and then click “Publish My Thread” / "Submit". It's as simple as that.

Are there rules for posting?

We expect all users to adhere to our Rules of Conduct (see below) for posting discussions, questions, and polls. Our community team ensures that forums and comments are moderated and kept safe and clean.

Why hasn't My thread/response received an answer?

The first thing to do is to review your question/comment. Was it properly worded and the issue or take concisely described? Is the topic in the right category? Sometimes questions or discussions may not receive an answer right away, or at all.

How are the forums/comments moderated?

Our forums and comments are moderated by a team of dedicated volunteers under the supervision of the community team. Community quality is closely monitored to ensure a civil, safe, and friendly environment for discussion.

These forums utilize English only; please use Google Translate if needed. Posts in other languages will be removed because they cannot be read by our staff, editorial team or most readers.

Can I become a moderator?

Moderators are chosen from long-time members of the community and selected for their maturity, civility and jurisprudence in dealing with difficult posts. They are appointed on an as-needed basis and are selected with the approval and recommendation of existing moderators and staff. If you show exemplary patience and maturity, and have been a helpful, contributing member of the community, rest assured that it will be noticed and taken into account when new moderators are needed.

Why have I been banned?

Moderators ensure that the Rules of Conduct are being followed by users on the forums and comments sections, and will take steps to ban individuals who disregard the rules. If you've been banned, chances are that you weren't obeying the Rules of Conduct and a moderator took action against your account. Most bans are temporary and last only a few days, but major infractions may result in a permanent ban from the Community.

Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct are general guidelines for users within our community. We pride ourselves on being welcoming to everyone. Follow these simple rules and you'll have a great experience here.

Please do:
  • Keep criticism constructive and polite. If you disagree with an opinion, explain why, but never attack the person. Avoid using the term “you,” and you’re more likely to address issues rather than individuals.
  • Search the site and/or forum before posting. Someone else may have already answered your question or discussed the topic. Checking for duplicates can help save you time.
  • Read the stickies/pinned comments!
  • If asking a question, provide as much in the way of details as you can to help other members answer.
  • Use formatting to improve the quality of your post or comment. A well-formatted post is easier on the eyes and receives more responses.
  • Report violations of the Rules of Conduct to the moderation team by clicking the "Report" button.
  • Post your thread or comment to the forum category or under the article most appropriate to the topic.
Please don't:
  • Be rude or impolite. Remember that behind each user is a real person. Personal attacks are not allowed against other members, staff, or moderators.
  • Post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation!!!
  • Share personally identifying information, including your email address , home address or phone number. We do allow users to share usernames and gamer tags to establish ties in game, as these are separated from your personal information by game platforms.
  • Post empty threads, throwaway comments, or responses that contain no content. Don't bump posts, post a quote only, claim "First!" or post single-word replies.
  • Hijack a topic. Keep to the original subject matter. Do not post off-topic threads/comments in categories or on articles not set for that purpose.
  • Abuse the forum or commenting software by attempting to game the system through voting, reactions, or any reputation component functionality. Use is closely monitored and investigated.
  • Use long quotes when responding to messages. Only quote as much of the original post as necessary.
Specific Rules

The following activity is expressly disallowed within our community:
  • Harassment, threatening, embarrassing or insulting other users, including sending unwanted messages, attacking/denigrating race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Hate speech is not permitted. You may not post or distribute any content that is harmful, abusive, disparaging, racist, homophobic, sexist, defamatory, infringing or invasive of privacy.
  • Engaging in any illegal activity. Asking for help pirating, cracking or bypassing copyright protections is not allowed.
  • Sexually explicit content or excessively disturbing imagery. This is a family-friendly site.
  • Spam. Commercial spam is handled with a zero tolerance policy. No posting links to any commercial service or product if you are personally affiliated. Official representatives may be present, but will be expressly indicated from their profile. Do not post/comment to advertise or promote.
  • To preserve privacy, polls, surveys and questions that include external links are disallowed.
  • Trolling, defined as knowingly soliciting negative responses, resulting in disruption of the natural flow of discussion.
  • Impersonation of others or sock-puppeting (creating multiple accounts per user, particularly to support your own arguments or to avoid moderator actions).
  • Inflammatory, abusive rhetoric, or conspiracy theories. Political comments are acceptable when relevant to the topic at hand, but political opinions are not an excuse to break any of the other rules. The moderation team reserves the right to remove any post it deems to have crossed a line.
  • Necroposting (resurrecting very old threads or article comments) is disallowed.
    Phishing, uploading or linking to files which contain viruses or malware. Note to all users: moderators and staff will never ask for your password.
  • Sales, trades, and other exchanges are disallowed.
  • All content, including signatures, images, links, posts, and submissions are all subject to these rules. If your signature contains links, please ensure they adhere to our commercial spam policy. Where applicable, if signature content contains forwarding links to either past or present websites that have caused problems, your signature privileges will be suspended.
  • Discussing moderation actions or re-opening removed or locked threads or topics is not permitted. Users requesting information regarding moderator actions should contact
Additionally, forum and commenting accounts are non-transferable. Actions taken by a user on one account may affect all of that user's accounts.

With these in mind, please remember to have fun. Most of these guidelines are common sense, and serve to keep the forum/comments useful, safe and secure for everyone. We thank you for your cooperation and support in this, and if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback regarding the Rules of Conduct, please contact a moderator or community staff.


Avatars should not be obscene, display excessive violence, flash enough to be a danger to people who have epilepsy, or defame any individual, group, party, or company. Failure to comply can result in your right to display an avatar being revoked. Moderators are the final arbiters in determining when an avatar is inappropriate or in violation of the guidelines.

Changing Username

You can change your username one time only.

Video content

We encourage the posting of videos! They can be very helpful and having a visual aid can be very beneficial for some people. Here are the guidelines for posting videos, provided this option is available in the forum/comments.

All videos posted should include a text description of what the video contains. This doesn’t have to be very long, but a sentence or two will let people know what they are about to view.

When posting a video as a solution or reply in somebody else’s thread or article commentary, the video must be relevant to the discussion.

Threads for standalone video content (reviews, unboxing, game play videos, etc) are permitted, but please ensure that they are posted in the correct category or relevant to the article posted.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or question?

The community staff and moderation team are happy to provide help with any technical questions you may have. For problems that fall outside the norm (disputes with moderators, issues with the site, forums, or commenting systems, or to appeal a ban),
and somebody from the community staff will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Terms, conditions, & privacy

All Gamers Talk reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to remove any User Content, block access to the forum and/or commenting system, and/or cancel the account of any user.
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