pc RetroPi on Raspberry Pi


pro high
Sep 15, 2020
My Basement
Has anyone here made a RetroPi emulation station out a Raspberry Pi? I got a Raspberry Pie 2 I think, and I installed RetroPi on it. RetroPi is an OS that makes the Raspberry Pi into an little gaming device. RetroPi has emulators for all popular systems, like; NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, PS, Gameboy, and many other retro consoles. You just need to find the roms and USB controllers. But you can pretty much use a standard 360 controller if you want. Or you can buy specialty made controllers, like USB NES controllers for example.

Who has made a RetroPi station with a Raspberry Pi? I'm thinking of getting the newest raspberry pi and making a new one. But I'll wait on pricing to go down first.