Wartile to Release on Nintendo Switch Sept. 24

The fourth quarter of 2020 is ramping up to be one of the biggest for the video game industry. With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo coming out with new games or consoles, fans of each platform will have plenty to choose from. Kicking it all off, Nintendo is set to release the popular game, “Wartile,” for the Switch.

On top of Mario and Zelda releases, rumors about a next-gen Switch have been circulating for some time now. It’s then the perfect time to bring in a classic game that has done well across platforms and received critical acclaim.


“Wartile” is an in-depth strategy game that offers something for everyone. Newcomers and long-time players alike can find something to enjoy in the game. With methodical planning and highly detailed maps, combat has never been so interactive and engaging. You’ll find that “Wartile” is a video game that crosses genres for the better.

Basing its story and visuals on Norse mythology, you play as a Viking seeking to outwit your opponents. It’s a tabletop, board game-like world where combat meets turn-based strategy and adventure. Adding to the strategy, your weapons — like manipulating time — have a cool-down period where you must wait a certain amount of time before using them again.

In an attractive bonus, Nintendo is including the downloadable content (DLC) in the September release. Specifically, the Hel’s Nightmare DLC is exciting fans. This pack adds five new maps that expand upon the universe. Each has a unique design that comes with its own challenges and styles.

On top of the DLC, “Wartile” offers personalization and customization of the characters. You can design and specify your character to your desires. It’s an all-around alluring offer that makes the move to the Switch at the right time.

Nintendo recently announced it has remasted several Mario games for the Switch. Coming in the next several months, these games are sure to provide a boost for Nintendo. “Wartile,” though, is starting off the fourth quarter in a lowkey, indie way. With all the news circulating from the platform, the game is sure to pick up some new fans as well as draw in long-time lovers.

Though the game is already out on platforms like the PS4, Steam and Xbox One, it’s time for it to hit Nintendo’s wildly popular platform. Be sure to pick up your copy from Nintendo Switch’s digital eShop or in person for $25 starting on September 24, 2020. Happy gaming!