PS4 PC Gaming Watch Dogs: Legion is bringing back the series' original lead character


The Watch Dogs: Legion video that played during today's Ubisoft Forward event didn't really show us anything we haven't seen previously. After the trailer, though, we did get a surprise: Aiden Pearce, the lead character of the original Watch Dogs, will be added to Legion in a post-launch update.

The Watch Dogs Legion season pass, as listed on the Ubisoft support site, will include a new story expansion, four unique heroes, bonus Deadsec missions and a Deadsec car skin, and the original Aiden Pearce experience, Watch Dogs Complete Edition. How exactly he'll fit into the Legions package isn't clear at this point, as live producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan said only that he'll be added to the game at some point after release.

"You asked, and he's back," Thillainathan said. "Older, but not necessarily wiser, Aiden Pearce will be a fully playable character in Watch Dogs Legion as part of our post-launch plans."

The reaction to Pearce's presence appears to be mixed at this point. Some people responding to the announcement on Twitter are clearly enthusiastic, but others are put off by the character's murderous impulses and complete lack of personality. You can get a little taste of his style in the video: It's funny when a granny spy kicks a minimum wage security guard in the junk, but when Pearce has a guy on his knees and then straight-up executes him with a gunshot to the back of his skull, are we still supposed to laugh?


Sep 10, 2020
Yeah, I saw that during the Ubisoft show that occurred recently. I'm pretty psyched to see his new story line play out. I didn't care much for the first Watch Dogs, but I liked him as a character.